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I've got a question..

I'm a senior in highschool this year and interested in attending MICA. I was wondering if there was any way I could see examples of MICA student artwork? I didn't see anything on the mica.edu site, so if anyone attending MICA currently has some online photos of their work and wouldn't mind me viewing it (NOT to copy by any means, strictly just to gain some perspective and insight)I would really appreciate a link! I live in IL and am not visiting the campus itself until September, but before I go I'd like to learn as much as possible about the kind of work done. I would go in the direction of painting, so if anyone's a painter and has examples or can provide some input on what their experience has been thus far and what you recommend I make sure is strong in my portfolio...well, you'd be my new best friend.

Thus far, I have a lot of self-portraits and observational work. My goal is to strengthen realistic color within an observational piece and further push the motives behind my work. Anyone in Painting, I invite you to comment freely about your experiences and will consider all advice given! MICA's NUMERO UNO!!!
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