Fallon (princesssputnik) wrote in mica08,

Need some input from PHOTO MAJORS.

Hello all :)

I am very much interested in transferring to MICA by fall of next year as a photography major. I have already visited the campus and fell in love. The student tour guide just so happened to be a photo major and praised it 100%. But I would love some more feedback regarding the photo department.

If you are a photo major, how are you enjoying it? How are the teachers and classes? Are they easy/challenging/very hard/too hard? Do you feel confident that you will be able to secure a job once you graduate? Do you feel that the education you're receiving is worth the amount of money it cost?

Another question I have is in regards to how I should go about putting together a portfolio. When I met with a guidance counselor at the end of my tour he said that in order for me to try to have my foundation-esque art classes transferred was to include artwork from those classes but that I didn't have to and could send them strictly just my photographs as my portfolio. Do any of you agree with this? He was honest with me and said that most likely I would transfer in as a sophomore, not a junior which I was prepared for. But if I only send them my photographs and nothing else, will they be hesitant to accept me at all?

Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated!
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